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There’s no rocket age

Let me tell you right now that I hate to classify books in age groups. I do believe that there should be books for young kids to learn about stories, but do not dare to tell me when you are thirteen your mind can’t comprehend good stories or that you do need certain genres to read fiction. Genres should be personality bound and not age bound. Also, I don’t believe we all only like one type of story. Certainly certain types appeal to us, but that’s where it ends. This is my pain with the Young Adult hype. I am not a hater of the genre. However, there are certain things I can’t wrap my mind around. The best novels are those that appeal to all ages.

I know the young adult counter arguments. I should say hype rather as that is what bothers me. That this generation wants guidance in an unsure world yadda yadda. I read about their arguments. This is where dimensions come into play. Are your stories so deep that only an ancient Greek philosopher can decipher it and be wrong too or are your stories so shallow that it makes the Twilight romances look good. That was a cheap shot and I’ll admit that. Certain aspects of the famous Hunger Games do not makes sense to me, but that is nitpicking and truth be told I did like the Hunger Games. What I’m getting at is a style of writing that appeals to everyone. This can be found in television too and the genre where this blossoms is animation. Take Up as an example of a film that appeals to all ages. Young children may not get the double meanings or some of the depth, but the character that is a child keeps them hooked. Another important thing to note is that  the two main characters are opposite and young and old can relate. If I take literature, the Little Prince is one of my favourite novels ever. It is a small book written by a French guy. On the surface it appeals to children, but from page one you can tell that teenagers won’t even comprehend its depth. This is not a novel for all ages, but I like the way it blurs the lines. Some people argue that that is exactly what young adult fiction has done. That is an absurd statement. Worst of all the hype began after someone had received a lot of success. Pray tell me how many authors do you think started a new young adult novel when someone received international acclaim.  I may be wrong, but unless the reason for this is an absolute love for the new authors owns story there is something seriously wrong.

This is not rocket science and I wish all authors were like this (in love with their own stories), but if a hint of greed enters an author’s mind it pollutes the story telling mind.