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Please take a note

“Where words fail, music speaks.”
Hans Christian Anderson said this. This author probably had his reasons for saying this and they may not be the same reasons I agree with him.

Leo Tolstoy had this to say about music: “Music is the shorthand of emotion.” He is the guy that wrote War and Peace. I agree wholeheartedly with this quote, because I found it to be true. Many authors listen to music when they write, others do not. I do. I use it to evoke fictive emotions when I feel like I lost attachment to my characters. I don’t need it, but it helps me in many ways. When I am not emotionally involved in a scene my writing sucks. Usually I am, but if I am not I grab my earphones and get to it. Even if those emotions are false or even if they are real, they keep me writing and I find it more entertaining that way.

On other occasions I hear a sweet melody and I imagine a scene where that may work. Movies don’t need music, yet composers play a massive role in most. Sometimes praised and other times ignored. I will tell this to anyone out there that most of the time you get emotional watching a film may be because of the music. Not always, but it plays a huge part in that. What would the Gladiator be without the soundtrack?

I know that I can’t accomplish what composers can to make my readers emotional, but I can do the next best thing- evoke an emotional author. An author’s belief in his characters will probably limit the belief of his readers in those characters. We want our readers to enjoy our work. Though this is only a tool, I will recommend it to any author that struggles to find their work real. Those fictive feelings result in writing as if those feelings were real and this is where readers won’t know the difference. (Many of you won’t even call the emotion of music, fictive)

So with or without music, don’t forget the importance of emotion.