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Empty Shell

Empty Shell

With red propaganda filling with rage young beasts
with want and screams of terror drown into the night.
Where is light and to what page do they turn?
Does the terror of true faith now come through the major carrier of green flag run
in nations that fill with rape and horror?
These men are beasts tamed by much worse.
At schools, media and public play, one cry: coerce!
And though mad young boys terror commit,
why through Babel does this world commit.
The crafty snakes hollowed out the truth, with faith and tribe an empty recluse
and maybe now few wake up
as the shell is crushed.
This heap of trash will compact and my people’s peace with death may come.
And we cry to God in praise at Heaven’s gate
where only God can unite what He hath divided.

Before that day, I still declare
that true faith is good in each tribe and tongue,
but now we all have differences to know
and as good neighbours, we shall sow.

And in this dark night, my people may end
and it is up to the rest to hold the last stand.



Reflection beneath the skin.

Reflection beneath the skin.

The first person view we hold let’s us see our hands and all it has
accomplished. From the sand it was built and the risks we took.
A certain man could listen to his voice and all that jazz… maybe proud.
Another will reflect upon his reflection and feel lacking in muscle.
These thoughts are seldom tussled with to go beneath the skin.

Though subconsciously we hear the ticking clock and we fear that the alarm was set.
Though, this knowledge is only a thought away… we tend to forget.
Those who go to deep will sink so far, or so
they say. Then what is this life more than the changing of the guard?
Big Bens and little men taking risks after risk to grapple for their
own existence.

Seldom do they ask who provides their breath, food.
And aquatic needs till end.
A chemical process of course- a quick response given by the brainless lab coat and his biased lens.
All knowing? Maybe not. Looking at his hands… to the ticking clock.

Another can look back and smile at his mansions and sport cars. His bid he placed for a great life and so he did.
Green paper and crystal clear diamonds… and of course that little sip of water. Then he also faces the common cold
that consumes us all. Maybe near his end if the alarm rings long… his thoughts will deepen, but just maybe or not at all.
No blanket brings the comfort to a restless soul like that old green one. Yet the dying body feels the cold like no other.

Even the family man can look at his home and think about generations to come.
Just bodies of loved ones beneath the dirt. Soon they will all be gathered.
Though this might seem dumb.
It would be as if nothing mattered.

But things do matter, they adamantly demand. Survival of our species and the existence of our kind. It’s seems to me that we are respecters of certain molecules of a higher order. We have contributed so much to this pretty planet.
Hero shim… ah, have we forgotten? So torn. Nag and shake the drinks for we live for now don’t we?
What a lovely view of this higher organism… surviving and thriving.
Looking these days at pixels on a screen… lifeless mind you.
A slave to the dead.

There are other views… a man in a big hat and many tics sucking the blood out of the free market.
Both kissing babies… one for government and another for Rome.
Terrorists follow their hearts and so do the poli prayers. Hoping that their dueling gods can save this man.
Save from what?
The most important question no one brings up.

Thou dare not point to the homo sapiens. Even the greenies say otherwise, but they only scratch
the surface of their heads and bellies of the cuter arrangement of molecules.
Save us from our own random chemical reactions of course.

There is another view that discusses the nature of things and man.
This is a sinking ship, but it can be pretty sometimes.
The core of this organism is corrupted. Even passed on.
It’s more than genetics, you know?
That’s why the magnitude of the God Man that died for this corrupted hearts
is so profound.
That a King should suffer for less than an ant.
However, this is only a vessel and the road to redemption is as
simple as climbing on the lifeboat.
The mocking molecules will go down in the abyss,
but you, oh Christians will sing in your bliss.

A writer’s faith

A question any writer with faith faces. Will they use it in their writing? Does it impact them? It impacts me and although my novel is not about my faith (horror drama)… some of my poems are. In a world like today, I, as a Christian don’t expect love. We are not political correct. We don’t tolerate certain things. Atheists who claim to tolerate everything usually hate Christians… especially the ones that read that Bible and actually believe it. They are okay with mild Christians. So, sorry to the unbelievers, this post isn’t for you.

The Red Carpet

The limelight makes her shine so bright
everyone smiles. Her heels sink into the carpet
A true character on and off the set.
So down to earth
Ain’t we all?

She imitates those whom she is not.
Dark characters.
She is strong and a pillar so liberal. Waving the ironic flag.
A promise that it won’t end again in a watery way.
The last wave will be fire. Glamour dies.

I got the part, I got the part.
Alas, everyone suffers a fatal slip.
Down to earth?
Ain’t we all?
Depart. Depart.
She never knew Him