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My First Short Story- The End: an old adult adventure

I don’t quite know what made me do it, I wrote a short story while my second novel was going so well, but I think I just had this idea that had to be addressed. Months before I published my short story, I wrote a poem entitled The Racer. I had this picture in my mind of an old man remembering the glory of his youth.

Glory of youth… that lead to the idea of writing a young adult parody. So I hit the keyboard and churned out the thing in less than a week. I love to mock young adult fiction, but now I have done it in style. It is not that  I believe that writing YA is wrong, it is that I believe that most authors are going about it in the wrong way. Maybe I am just a grumpy old eighteen year old.

“Get of my lawn!”

The End takes place in a clinic at first, but after the administration of a new drug the old man is healing from his dementia. So much so that he is sent to a place where there is Trials. Here he must cope with a bunch of older “lab rats” to survive. He meets a guy who tells him how everything works. He meets a smart guy. He meets a bully guy. He meets a mysterious character. I am not only writing clichés, but I am having fun pointing them out. The story remains unique and funny. If you are interested you can buy it here.

Have you written a parody lately? WThe Endhat inspired you?

Tug of War

Something is certain: to commit yourself to writing is hard when you have many responsibilities like a job or if you are a student. Only holidays can truly set you on your way or maybe a retirement. The thing is we can’t only write when we have time. Nothing is free and time is so precious. Thus, we need to sacrifice some of our so called free time to write. If you are a successful writer then things are different. Most writers aren’t and might never be. The statistic can make you feel so small and yet we all know that sales should never be the measurement of quality when it comes to things like fiction. No doubt, some of the best sellers are indeed some of the best works of fiction in the world, however they are sometimes also the worst.

So life can tug you back to reality where you need to return to the never ending cubicle or maybe also a fun job, but we don’t lie when we are in reality. Writing is the thing. That’s what keeps me going sometimes. Both writing and life can be like two parties in a tug of war and the ultimate solution would be balance until, if you really are great, a writing career. Even then you will need balance. I can probably write a book on why I write fiction. One of the reasons, like I have said before, is that I couldn’t imagine a life with no fiction or art. For a second I took away all writers and it scared me. Take away engineers and it is also scary, but that is obvious. That said, story telling is an ancient skill and today people will pay money for it. Why not?

Writing is a lot more than simply putting down tales and ink in some sequence. It delivers a message like any other piece of art and in some of the best ways. Don’t get me wrong, I am not an art nut… because I am not. I love subjects like math and physical science. I just can’t place myself as a leader in that field and be happy about it. I only pray that my day job doesn’t kill my writing, because that would be a pity. You should never stop reminding yourself what you have written and why you have written it. Writing has a lot to do with worldview and morals. That is one of the reasons why I love writing. Sure, we can write a sappy one if we like, but that is something I won’t do.

Be committed in whatever you dream to change it into goals. Be it writing or not. (assuming you guys are authors)