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Watch and Tell

No one wants to be branded a Jack of all trades, because ever since mankind became dumb we only thought of  the ”master of none” tail to the saying. However, this was not always so.  In the old days some people did many things and were great at some and good at others. Some were masters at many trades. This used to be positive saying. This is my refutation to the argument that specialists are always better. I am not saying that being a specialist is bad, but if we take writing as a skill with different aspects and different genres many people will call themselves an ”insert genre here” writer.

Now, how can this only apply to the creation of fiction, but not in the observation? Few skills are as writing where there is a great relationship between user (reader) and creator(writer). The statement that a writer needs to keep to a certain genre and get good at it rather than do one and then another is absurd considering we like different tales. Sure, we like some more than others and loathe certain genres, but again this boils down to a thing called taste. No one can convince me that a great writer of any genre can’t attempt to write a novel in another. The only reason many writer’s stick to one or two is because it has worked before and they do really like it. In fact many people will grow to only write in a few genres.

My first novel is horror, but this is not the only type of novel I’ll ever write. I had a story to tell and I did. My second novel is going to be science fiction. I always had a tendency to write science fiction for school. I know I will complete this story. However, it can be guaranteed that my second novel will be written better, because writing is a skill improving in a detached manner from it’s genre. It improves as a whole. The writing of a certain genre does improve, but this can easily be accomplished and this increase in skill is nothing compared to what writing does to a writer as a whole. Your mind does not shift from thriller to drama, but you do apply your skills differently. You may want to focus on atmosphere in the former and maybe more on relationships in the latter. This may also vary. You can’t put a definite genre on your life and neither can you do it to your characters. So stick to what you are good at, but be good at learning so you can stick to what you love… writing.