I created this blog to be noticed quite honestly because I am an attention seeking freak of nature… or not. No, I created this blog to write about writing and the love of writing, because I’m an author. An author, yes, published, no? No. If you are still reading this, I feel like I need to congratulate you. The truth is I’m almost done with my first draft like many authors. The difference is that few authors started writing a novel in a social studies class when they were sixteen. Age does not matter. I’m just saying that I’m going to be out here for the long haul, unless I die. Which, may happen at any moment.

Which brings me to writing. Consider this: you only have this much life and this much money, but words, well, they are unlimited… unless of course you are illiterate and I pity you, but of course you are reading this and aren’t.

My name is Stefan Fouché and I am a writer, a young writer. I started a year ago with a survivor horror drama novel. Try saying that five times in a row and hopping on your head. Just trying to be specific. My novel’s first draft is almost complete and I am still wondering whether I should self publish or you know… hand it over to them.

The thing is I am from South Africa and I write in English and want a captive international audience. I will be posting my tips and write about my coffee induced journey. And if you are crazy enough to listen to a random seventeen year old from the southern most part of Africa, then you are crazy enough to be a writer.

So… without further ado
Welcome… to the Noveltray


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