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Empty Shell

Empty Shell

With red propaganda filling with rage young beasts
with want and screams of terror drown into the night.
Where is light and to what page do they turn?
Does the terror of true faith now come through the major carrier of green flag run
in nations that fill with rape and horror?
These men are beasts tamed by much worse.
At schools, media and public play, one cry: coerce!
And though mad young boys terror commit,
why through Babel does this world commit.
The crafty snakes hollowed out the truth, with faith and tribe an empty recluse
and maybe now few wake up
as the shell is crushed.
This heap of trash will compact and my people’s peace with death may come.
And we cry to God in praise at Heaven’s gate
where only God can unite what He hath divided.

Before that day, I still declare
that true faith is good in each tribe and tongue,
but now we all have differences to know
and as good neighbours, we shall sow.

And in this dark night, my people may end
and it is up to the rest to hold the last stand.