Skinny sheep

Posted: May 16, 2015 in Poetry
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Skinny sheep
At first there was darkness… then ardently he rose.
Sweet smelling music played and lifted his heart.
Moved and touched by melodies alone.
“Where… tell me where is the start of faith?”
It can’t be found in that empty place of emotion lead.
Slowly he sat back as the music faded.
Time has done what the ears have missed.
Emotion has lead him astray.
Searching… he went, running out of fuel, so to speak.
Cropping up memories of experience, but malnourished indeed.
Where oh where does he seek?
For a time will come when the weekly kick will be dull…
and questions arise and darkness comes and everything fade as the melodies do too and deafness and sickness and crashing…. and burning and yearning.
At last there was darkness and he sat down.
A comical skinny sheep uncertain in his ways.
He keeps eating of the barren fields… sure of the “fruit”
it yields.


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