Posted: February 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

Everything done. Everything built. Everything broken and
because acid does not ask questions nor do any seek an alkaline.
Just keep pushing things down the gaping maw. Faster and faster until
the glutton grows older and older. Shaking and then slower as the hands cannot provide
and the pain from within starts to burn.

Some push staples through the papers on their desk.
That’s their staple and life is just a test.
Go high, go far, but burning comes from near
and though soaring… still burning.
Others let it burn away… skin and bone.
Often alone.
Others get their own little pill… voices making the sour go still.
Suppressing it till time’s end.
Few can stomach the common household supplies
They say it changes the tongue and the sour sweet zest goes
gone with the wind. (As do all things under the sun)
However it gives a new flavor… sweeter.
The appetite slows down.
Nothing can be broken. Everything is repaired. Stabilized so to say.
Alkaline, when first gulped… a reaction from within.
The bubbling when the pain fades away.
Alkaline neutralizes acid’s sting.
Eventually everybody passes away.
Some holding their stomachs  and
others with a smile within.


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