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Everything done. Everything built. Everything broken and
because acid does not ask questions nor do any seek an alkaline.
Just keep pushing things down the gaping maw. Faster and faster until
the glutton grows older and older. Shaking and then slower as the hands cannot provide
and the pain from within starts to burn.

Some push staples through the papers on their desk.
That’s their staple and life is just a test.
Go high, go far, but burning comes from near
and though soaring… still burning.
Others let it burn away… skin and bone.
Often alone.
Others get their own little pill… voices making the sour go still.
Suppressing it till time’s end.
Few can stomach the common household supplies
They say it changes the tongue and the sour sweet zest goes
gone with the wind. (As do all things under the sun)
However it gives a new flavor… sweeter.
The appetite slows down.
Nothing can be broken. Everything is repaired. Stabilized so to say.
Alkaline, when first gulped… a reaction from within.
The bubbling when the pain fades away.
Alkaline neutralizes acid’s sting.
Eventually everybody passes away.
Some holding their stomachs  and
others with a smile within.

Sonnet of a thinker.

Through struggling to close the eyes and escape the thought
they wake up to go to others
and so they walk and talk
to men that could never be brothers.
Funny enough the comfort comes with a great price bought.

Silent times can cause them great despair
as they draw their power from outside.
They know not a poet’s lair
nor do they convey many things on few minds.
Seldom do they think about the darkness of pride.

Then it is so that thinkers must rejoice
when their minds are rejuvenated
and they should become elated
when thinking comes as if not even by choice.


A surprisingly sunny day to be dressed in black. The shades some wear…
hides the tears.
Some say some funny words about the man they knew.
They listen in silence and nodding and laughing.

However… they weren’t talking about you.
Two holes and thus two lives. One touched more lives.
An eagle’s view would show the sadness.
No words spared to praise your neighbour.
It makes you wonder why they gave them for a corpse.

It is probably the right thing to do.
Tradition is the old black… and only so often a glance at the man lowering your box.
They cry because dead men can’t hear.
They laugh because they say things not there.
They hug for they fear.

This is what I have to say about them. I knew a group of people once who were very funny.
Yeah… I remember this one time… this one…
their noses were runny. They always wore the most stylish clothing.
No, they were never boring.
Much more I can’t say…
good men
good men

Alpha Critic

Hello writers. We all know what beta readers are, we love and hate some of the things they say about our work. However… we don’t fear them so much as the critics. Of course not… because when the stars shine and we feel lacking it can cause a huge blow to our psyche. When the reviews come pouring in… our hearts start to pump blood at faster rates. We just know it… we do.

Rule number… I don’t care: Watch how critics work and read a lot of books. Also, deliver your own critique. If you are being critical a sense of guilt will hopefully remind you off all of your mistakes. Another thing that I would recommend is to watch things like Cinema Sins and Honest Trailers. They criticize movies, but not only are they funny, you can learn a thing or two from how they tear art apart. Not that they are always right… cause their nitpicking can be quite irritating.

Read your own work over and over again. At the first sight of boredom and stupidity you can start to write your ideas down or just think about all the mistakes you have made. Remember that you are the first to criticize your own work. It belongs to you and many writers let mistakes pass them by just because they can’t let go of a biased lens. I know that it is difficult. That is why you should have a fun meter. You should try criticize yourself, because you are the only critic that you are in love with. In time, with self confidence… you can learn to only slightly dislike other critics.

Even if you have messed up in a big way… do not let their opinions be more important than the alpha critic- you.  For we know that if they get to you… if they get their mold around you, you may write like many people want you to write, but that you have forsaken what than author stood for. To sum it up: Be vigilant in reading and criticizing both your work and the work of others, but don’t try to change according to their wills. The most important opinion of all is the one of the alpha critic.

Silver is not white (1)

It has been a few months after I have completed my first novel’s first draft and I have started on my second novel. I am going to send the first one to an editor I have met and then I will self publish it.

Today I want to talk about one of the mistakes many writers make, because of their love for the silver screen. It is important to distinguish between films and novels. Sounds simple, right? Yes, it does, but we do love to try and implement things that doesn’t work in novels, because it works in films. How do I put this? Subtlety is the master storyteller.

We tend to do what films do subtly: we will focus on expressions by characters and point them in detail. However, this only works in films, because of its subtlety. Writers on the other hand also have an awesome tool that they either utilize too much or too little. It is has almost been declared a sin in many films. Though I think it can work to great effect, comically. We have the ability to put a characters thoughts down. In film, the best way this can be done is through gestures. No novelist wants to over explain gestures. That is bad writing. I am not saying that you should leave it out, but I am saying is that we could tone it down. I also firmly believe in the show and tell. (Not don’t tell, because that would make it kind of impossible)

Writers need to utilize the thoughts of their characters more often, because we lack an ace of spades that directors do not lack. A soundtrack. Imagine a heartbreaking scene with the violin trying to tear the audience down. As a writer I would love to make my readers emotional, but I can’t use lighting and music. However, I can slip in a subtle thought of a character or perhaps a memory. Dialogue will of course work in both. We are working with the differences.

Remember dear writers that we don’t have an orchestra. We don’t want to use too many angles. We don’t have lighting or acoustics. We can however explain these through the eyes of our protagonist or antagonist. We have a strong POV and we need not forget this. I also love movies and have made these mistakes. One day I would want to write scripts as well.
Just know that silver is not white.