Killing Tales

Posted: January 24, 2015 in Pointers
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Sometimes the best way to be strong is to protect one’s weaknesses. It can also be a very good thing to look at how people fail and why people fail. More importantly, why we sometimes fail. When it comes to stories you only need an attitude to kill it.

After you have toiled through hours of typing, plotting and writing, you get time to reflect. Usually this can only happen if you care about the story you told, but many times authors look back at half a story or sometimes even a first draft and they get that blasé feeling. The root of the problem can be that you have lost that caring feeling. You don’t really care about characters, but about writing a book. The problem with this attitude is that writers’ own feelings will only set the amplitude of what they had written.

Let me explain what this amplitude means. It means that no one will care more about your story than you do, ever. So if you want your readers to not care, then all you have to do is write till the end with this attitude. Writing is like an endurance race in the same way that life is. To kill a tale is as simple as cutting off all love and care for characters and the world where they live. I know it sounds weird, but the cave rat told me that is what I need to tell you. (Just joking. That’s a reference to a game you guys won’t know.)

The real question is whether you can repair your relationship with characters. Of course you can as characters are only a subset of your own mind. Treat your characters as if they are real, because the readers (at least the majority) will not do this unless the author does. Get ready for some tough times, because they will happen. Then think whether you want to kill the story or not. In my mind it is murder, ’cause that’s how much I care about those figments of my imagination.


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