Lay Down Your Twigs

Posted: January 21, 2015 in Poetry
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Charge the castle and believe. They have the heart and the guts, but no brains.
Positive they will conquer or preparing for the fun of battle.
Lay down your twigs.
They charge the pristine castle. They hate the good King.
Some imagine that the castle doesn’t exist, but they swing.

Somebody paid the ransom… their only chance – a gift.
There’s food and shelter and safety and beauty.
However they love the mud, because they are free.
Freedom, is a lie. They are caught by their own…
they do what they want.
Lay down your twigs.
Time is running out, yet they laugh.
The castle is just a mirage.
Staring motionless at the merciful gun…

Every second fun and so free, but still gearing up for war.
Invading the country.
Lay down your straw.
Even those with white flags needed help to give up. Not so free, hey?
Lay down your twigs.
Battering, beating, biting and kicking.
Staring down the barrel.
Fighting till their end.

A hopeless sight.
And funny too, because every tree was planted by the King.
Swinging like blind men. Cursing and invading.
Don’t bring a knife to a gun fight?
Lay down your twigs.


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