Posted: January 19, 2015 in Poetry
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All the parades and shouting for level ground, but level
is not high and never will be.
Measure is not right and wealth looked upon in a wrong way, but the broader the base
the stronger the form unlike this.
The line above is narrow.
I broke the fourth wall, but they broke the fourth floor. Look at the broad base now… almost there.

The tower will collapse, but that is what they want.
Level ground and in a way that is fine.
Excluding all the hunger the ground brings.
No tower will be allowed. It is wrong.
Level ground. The words repeated.
Dogmatic. Floating in the clouds,
but men can’t fly.

The fuel burns out and they fall as
the base broke… and
now the they’re broke
and the people are broken,
for they only see happiness
at the


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