Posted: January 17, 2015 in Pointers
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Let it not be said that writing is free. It is not. It takes a lot of thinking and time. I don’t know if I am a good writer, but I can write and found writing a novel quite easy when I was sixteen. Now it is easier and the word counts keep going. Write’s Block is a monster from a children’s dream and I am loving the journey. Every now and then people tell me that they would never be able to complete a novel and I understand. There is something you need to do before trying to write a novel.

I am talking about immersion. Though this can also be coupled with method acting and writing I set this apart. Any author can become a character or act like one of his character. Maybe it is a form of method writing. It would be an extreme form and I will tell any non outliner like myself to use this. The act of knowing characters like real people and considering them as such. If this is done you won’t talk to them as pieces on a paper, but rather as friends and enemies. Their goals become like the goals of a friend. Yes, the more I think of it, the more it becomes like method writing. This can also be the danger. Sometimes your characters become much more likeable than real people, because lets not lie… people can be irritating. There is no greater bond between a writer and his characters. They are a part of you. Don’t question my sanity… this is the lengths I have gone to create characters and it is emotionally draining as their losses become real in your mind. Let it not be said that you can’t fool your own mind. You can. This immersion drains you emotionally and mentally.

That’s the reason I listen to music when I write. It is like a quick charge. At first artificial… then real. Listen to me… I am not a mentor. This is my journey and besides, if your need a mentor I will gladly redirect you to some of the best outliners in the business. The outliners tend to be the better teachers. K.M. Weiland for example. Writers don’t write the same way and rightly so. It would be a crime against humanity if we all were to do things the same. That’s why if you are not outlining you will need some form of immersion for a number of reasons.

  1. Avoiding logical errors: Doesn’t make sense? This guy sounds nuts. The mind works around them because the author is in his own world. (Still nuts, but not my problem)
  2. It creates more real characters. Like people, your characters will seem like living beings.
  3. Fun. Yes, this makes writing more fun. More fun leads to more working hours

This is not the plotter versus pantser debate. This is the price I had to pay to write. This is one of those lonely pieces of advice I can give.


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