Posted: January 17, 2015 in Poetry
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At first they come as if by themselves,
a fallen log. Fallen for the young that can’t swim
as the currents come.
Then the arc as the empire builds.
Sometimes rope, sometimes steel, sometimes short and sometimes
an engineering fault in ours…

Suspense and cables taking part. Not forgotten
but under strain. Made to last. The weight and the pain.
Made to cross the waters beneath and sometimes
allowing a vessel to go by. And bye to the other land…
when the strain grows. And the faults in ours…

A spark is all it takes. A move and foundation fake.
principles forgotten. A bit too far. And they give in…
two lands apart.
A flame lit up so hot that even steel can melt and it does.
And we sigh, because bridges were built to last.


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