Posted: January 12, 2015 in Poetry
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To sleep
is a dream that evades as the memory
that escapes… and you alone, but happiness is not
too far gone, you chase and follow the lead of them, but you can’t
catch up. The train goes from station to station. The hustle and the bustle at
every single turn and you wonder… why? The men work to be strong to work more to be
stronger. Every day you need to catch up as your memories slowly fade and you can’t keep up with
your promises. The emptiness sets in and you feel nothing, but keep going because that is what heroes do:
they fight for what is right. Their eyes can’t be wrong and the laughter of children is like torture to your ears, but so
you found… life is not a game. Time keeps going like a beating heart and the memories linger like muddled mud. So you go.

Wake up
down… life is a race, but where is the goal? To live and cry and die. Your pursuits are all in vain.


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