One Dug Under the Termites’ Nest

Posted: January 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

You know what I never thought I would do? Write to some people about me writing a crazy character. I found that method writing works pretty well when attempting this and I often tell authors to try method writing. Many people deny it’s existence, but it works. Writing is the art of buying ideas at the cost of sanity. Such is my philosophy. Maybe I am too far gone to be considered sane.

The thing is character creation is often broken down to a set of rules. Writing is subjective. Rule number one of write club is spitting on the rules of write club. Except of course rule number one. Rule number one is golden and we don’t have time for paradoxes. Be free like a bird flying over certain things and observing your surroundings. Maybe I have some crazy on me and I hope it wears off, but if it doesn’t I wouldn’t mind. Many characters are quite weird and I can tell you details about them that you will never know. (even if your read the novels) I know them better than anyone else. This information might seem useless and I will agree, but we are all mad here. Or is it just me?

The great tool I used when starting to get into the mind of the crazy character was observation of another character thought to also have a lot of mute dogs. His observations were absurd and his mind is clearly not right, but we love what we see. This is also humorous and dark in this particular story. So, while some of my friends and imaginary friends may think I am crazy I assure them all that I am not.

Before I go to sleep I think about a certain character and lately I have been having vivid dreams. I love dreams almost as much as nightmares. Whether this can help you or not is not my problem. This is my caffeine, music, and shower induced journey.


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