Excuse my absence, but I’m not sorry

Posted: January 11, 2015 in Uncategorized

I have neglected what little readership I have on this blog, because you don’t need me and I don’t need you. However I think we all love writing and reading so read ahead. I have been stuck in my second novel (and by stuck I mean I am loving it… I am caught up in my world. I am writing my daily quotas.) and when I usually would have written some form of writing about the art of writing when I really should have written for myself. I will however try to dig out some time to get back to blogging and don’t let this post be futile. This attitude is what distinguishes lazy writers from writers… and I have been both.

Your work should always be your first priority when it comes to writing and I know this sounds like common sense, but you know I don’t even know why they call it that. I say they should call it sense. Common sense is so misleading. This is the great sickness I usually see among writers that struggle to write a first draft. They just sit there and search the internet for things that will keep them from the thing they love. Some people ignore their friends and their wives. Don’t let your love be questioned comrade. No, rather write so that you know you should stop. Write nonsense, write badly, write a steaming pile of junk, but never, ever neglect writing.

Please don’t complain on Twitter about this problem… procrastinationitis . The first step in curing this disease is not Tweeting at all. Writers write badly when they write absolutely nothing. They mess around. Some people get out of this downward spiral by placing structure in their story and others, like myself think a lot about our stories… to the point of it being too much. Either way don’t let anyone tell you that anything else in writing is more important. This is why I have slowed down on my blog. Every hour of every day I am thinking about my second novel. Let it not be a bad thing if you have been absent. Few people took me seriously until I put down about 75000 words. The editor was surprised that I did. As if age could be a barrier. Age is only a barrier if you have gone under, you guys dig?

So , don’t make a resolution to not waste time as that that will take time. Act and write. So please, excuse my absence. I won’t even pretend like you care. You know why? Because if caring about a blog is more important than making paper blacker, you have missed what my blog is about.

  1. In my past life we were quite often accused of having quotas. My response usualy was, “Nonsense! I can arrest as many creeps as I have to. There’s no limit.” Which was met with blank stares and then, “No, what I meant was…”

    Yeah, I know what you meant. It’s hard to predict just how many opportunities would happen by to recruit a new member for either the prison basketball team or the chess team. In a way it was a rather unique art form. Somewhat reactive to the environment. Not quite an on point metaphor to writing but close enough.

    The “art” should never be forced to conform to quotas or specific times or quantity. And even these silly blogs serve their limited purpose. I use this place to keep the creative juices flowing. There are an abundance of sharp and talented minds populating our little WordPress world. It gives me ideas and always, always draws me back for whatever pops up new on my reader.

    Today I wrote over 2000 words on my current novel project and still find the time to rant over here and dig around to see what makes me laugh and makes me think. Your writing ihere is one of the places I suspet I’ll find some of those juices so hang tough and keep tapping.


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