Waffles and editors.

Posted: December 31, 2014 in Uncategorized

It was about time I heard some good news about progress since I have finished my first draft. I have found an editor that can edit in both Afrikaans and English. Since I have abandoned my mother tongue thus far in my writing exploits it is good to know I can always write one for the locals. We live in a global village and that will always be my focus. Afrikaans isn’t even a continental language by a long shot. It is only found on a large scale in two countries. So back to the language of the people who colonized the world and back to editing my first novel.

I wanted to find an editor, but friends of ours already knew one. I am an independent author, so for me this is a very big thing. Independence in South Africa is almost always a must. It would have taken me many years to grow a relationship with a South African publisher and then I wouldn’t even be allowed to sell my novel abroad. I first would have to prove myself with the locals. That’s the big problem. Very few people I know read. I bet very few South Africans read and I remember an Afrikaans poem that explained this. It blamed the good weather and love of sports for a type of cultural demise. I agree to some extent.

Even if I ignore this and try to win the readers of my country I am competing with international writers, but not just on my genre. The biggest readers I know are girls and the biggest authors among them are that of young adlt. The other day I saw a mother trying to push a Stephen King book on her child. Interestingly enough I am pretty sure she did not pick up a King novel. I don’t read King either, so I can’t judge him in any way.

So it was a breath of fresh air when  I heard about this editor in a small town nearby. According to legend I need to eat waffles with her. You won’t see me fighting, because that sounds like a good deal to me.


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