The lenses we gain

Posted: December 27, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I doubt many authors will disagree with me if I told them they changed the way they look at life literally. I am talking about observational skill and effort to observe. It became so natural after I became I writer. I would look at people and see characters and listen to their worries and their joy to see plots. It became a nuisance quite frankly, because an author can’t resist and perhaps that is a good thing. I am the kind of author that will only write a sentence then start writing a novel. So it became a good bad habit to observe people and situations. I think about their lives and their jobs and how that can be translated into a work of fiction.

I believe many authors do this because they know what is necessary to stay ahead. Tell tales. Simple as that and we don’t want to tell the same thing over and over again. We want to be innovative, but since true originality doesn’t exist it is nice to ”borrow” certain pieces from peoples lives and create a story. I can exaggerate their role and I probably will. I am a collector. I break down and I build up. A piece here… a piece there. That kind of thing works for me. I have my own creativity and certain aspects that I clearly thought up somewhere. The chances are that I got the information somewhere. This is what we do. We need to tell tales worth telling. We need to tell them well.

That said it, is good to read, but I won’t say necessarily to get ideas but rather to improve skill. Ideas can be found anywhere. I mean anywhere. Under a plant or on your roof or in a coffee shop. Mmmm coffee. I am currently reading Sand by Hugh Howey and I will write a review later.


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