sCold comes the night terror

Posted: December 27, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I am not afraid of many things. I don’t have many phobias, but the ones I have are so highly irrational that I keep them to myself and debate my conscience into oblivion. Every other night I lie there thinking: What if I wake up tomorrow and I lose my ability to tell stories. I hate that thought. I’d much rather be chased by a monster probably because I can extract a story to tell from that. In fact I love to have nightmares, because they work like stories.

So I wake up and start speaking  to myself and my characters. ”What if?”

That is probably the strongest line a writer can speak and also the biggest danger. What if the readers and critics hate me? What if I get a two star review and then another? What if my mom never makes me coffee again? What if I am so poor one day that I can’t even buy coffee or what if I grow intolerant to caffeine? What if I get panned by critics and have to hide in a cave for years?What if these what if questions become so boring that my fellow bloggers leave it?

A year ago, a sixteen year old boy asked the question: what if I write a novel? Simple yet so elegant. And then I started to ask myself some questions. Characters and plots became a tide of water and I did not care what the world thought. The story I wrote is my biggest gain. I got to know some imaginary people. I had fun. I am not a positive speaker yahoo. I know life sucks and that is how I see so many plots around me, but I will keep my phobias at bay by reminding myself why I write.

Post your most irrational fear if you want to. By the way I am not afraid of heights and no that afraid of falling… I am afraid of breaking my body after the fall, but oh am I in love with climbing. That’s true and also an analogy for writing.

  1. Angela says:

    What-ifs can be paralyzing when one just leads to the next. I am honestly not sure what I am afraid of the most; I am sure there is something, well beyond spiders and bats and those type of things!


  2. Via personal experience, I can say that asking “What if…?” can lead to the most amazing stories. Literally. As writers (I can’t speak for all of us), we can feel conscious of our work. We may question it and attempt to perfect it. But keep in mind that we can be our harshest critics, despite the speculation that there is someone out there plotting our downfall. That is not always a bad thing, to be your own critic, so much as not to let it consume you. In reality we, ourselves, may be the means to our own downfall, and just the same the force behind our success. As for my biggest fear, losing any of my six senses (all of them at once, especially) – that – or being able to think, but unable to write down my stories, would be absolutely torturous.


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