Transition to Fiction

Posted: November 15, 2014 in Uncategorized
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We all like the idea of change especially if it is for the better, yet our minds create patterns that make us very comfortable. Take work and school for example versus holidays. I love holidays, but everything comes to pass and I need to return to school. The thing is I like school too. Then what is the problem when I need to return and more importantly what has this to do with writing?

The problem is we humans love to get into a rhythm. We don’t mind change but to change has this strange effect on our minds. This applies to writing as well. If I haven’t written in a while then the simple act of placing myself in front of my laptop seem like a drag. I feel like I sometimes let my characters down, but when my fingers start hitting those keys and I gain rhythm again in my writing it does boost my confidence. I get lost in my worlds then everything is fine, until I need to do some things in the real world.

Now, a lot of authors can and will handle this dilemma by simply organizing their time and also by incorporating writing as part of a daily schedule. This is a good idea. Why create a transition when you may as well just be a better manager of time? A manager of the most valuable commodity. Some will argue that they can’t and that they just don’t work like that. I’m one of them. I can write as long as I have something on my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I am not one those people that wait for muse, but I need a readiness. This can only happen for me if I have thought about my next chapter before even thinking of when I am going to write. It may not be a good idea to write if you aren’t feeling inspired unless that writing in itself inspires you. It has worked for me before when I write a bunch of nonsense and somehow that leads to another pattern of thought.

So even as this may pose a small problem or a feeling like blasé . Suck it up and push on. If you are good at organizing your time and satisfied to let your own writing inspire you then do it. If you need inspiration then seek it. When this is done give people a postcard from your land of fiction.


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