Posted: November 15, 2014 in Poetry
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People like writers and poets often question ideas of morality. Musicians do to. However, there is a certain ironic word that I couldn’t accept so here is a poem.


Humanity… it steals the fruit of others’
hard labors – corrupt.
We fall into the arms
We lust after our hearts desires… even blood

A reminder of what we are. Acting and
jumping on our horses of heights.
Green monsters never wishing the best for others.
A romantic horror show of ourselves.
We chase a dream, but dream a nightmare.

Humanity, we scoff at true morality
Humanity, we are intelligent,
but compared to what?
We trample each other to reach pyramidical
Humanity we are enslaved by ourselves.
We moan and groan.
We see what we want
we want we want we want
And rightly so… there is a
gaping hole

A man kills another man and we
call him inhumane.
I beg to differ and strive to see true inhumanity-
morality. Too bad I’m human.
God help me.


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