A writer’s faith

Posted: November 7, 2014 in Poetry
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A question any writer with faith faces. Will they use it in their writing? Does it impact them? It impacts me and although my novel is not about my faith (horror drama)… some of my poems are. In a world like today, I, as a Christian don’t expect love. We are not political correct. We don’t tolerate certain things. Atheists who claim to tolerate everything usually hate Christians… especially the ones that read that Bible and actually believe it. They are okay with mild Christians. So, sorry to the unbelievers, this post isn’t for you.

The Red Carpet

The limelight makes her shine so bright
everyone smiles. Her heels sink into the carpet
A true character on and off the set.
So down to earth
Ain’t we all?

She imitates those whom she is not.
Dark characters.
She is strong and a pillar so liberal. Waving the ironic flag.
A promise that it won’t end again in a watery way.
The last wave will be fire. Glamour dies.

I got the part, I got the part.
Alas, everyone suffers a fatal slip.
Down to earth?
Ain’t we all?
Depart. Depart.
She never knew Him

  1. Joshua M Swenson says:

    Even atheism is a form of “faith” and I think that slips in to everything we do. Writing is one of the most powerful ways to make our truth come alive. Great post!

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  2. My first two novels are contemporary crime stories. Good guys and bad guys. But why are people good or bad? Where are the lines drawn? Who makes up the rules? Is right and wrong simply defined by the criminal code? What stops an unbeliever from stealing or assaulting another person? What about lying or having an affair outside of marriage? Or cheating on an exam? sometimes the written law does not cover every situation.

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    • stefooch says:

      That poses a legitimate situation. Some things can’t be explained. I have thought about it They call morality the thing that helps us survive as a group: then why not kill the weak or the cripple? Why not cheat on your wife? What difference to society would it make if you killed an infant that is yours. Sounds like you can make a wonderful dystopia, oh but Hitler already had. Oh well. Lying and cheating will better the chances al right.


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