Posted: October 26, 2014 in Pointers
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An overconfident man will fail, but try and succeed sometimes. A man constrained by fear will wither away. I bet some Chinese dude said this once. Fine, I made it up.

A fearful writer will often not complete a novel. What are the readers going to say? How are they going to react? While I am writing my novel this question seldom comes to me… seldom I said for it does sometimes and when it does I feel my Writy senses going weak. I feel constrained by an invisible power getting a hold. So I remind myself that I have a novel. This is mine and even if you aren’t going to read it some day. I am, and boy what a story.

Faults entering all reputation. FEAR, it causes more mistakes than it helps. Rather write like a mad person and edit later. Editors aren’t constrained and if you edit you can do it with a warm cup of Joe and a smile, whilst  knowing what you wrote was done. You gained something which fear would not allow you to have.

Ask any newbie driver like me how I feel on the road when I drive better. Some will tell me I felt brave because I did well, but I tend to place the chicken first… before the egg (ironic isn’t it cause you know… chicken) The result of confidence is action and we writers know that sound. The sound of the keys. The endless typing to please and to entertain. If you are going to experience fear you better be writing horror and your story will have to dictate this. The truth is that we are all scared sometimes, but also that we must know how much it limits our capabilities. You will never know your full potential, ever, but you will know more about it if you gain confidence.

How does one gain confidence? Write often and I mean daily. Try to write like you are the best, because I know I am not… when I am writing I am. It gives an author wings. Come on people, we authors, who can create fictive universes can’t control fear? Tell me something that isn’t fiction.

I wonder how you are going to react to this post… Not.


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