Beating the clock

Posted: October 22, 2014 in Uncategorized
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You, yeah you. The writer, the reader or blogger. I dare you to disagree with me. Come on. I dare you to tell me that a certain viral word among writers does not display the plague that haunts us. Procrastination… it sounds so fancy yet so demoralizing.

Why are authors among the top procrastinators out there? We are supposed to be the ones that love are work so much that it should keep us from interacting with the real world. We should not avoid it. If we avoid it, it is a sign that we don’t like our work and I can tell you that most authors do.

I have my school work and you probably have a day job. How should we make time? Simple: set time aside.
“Thanks a lot… you are a genius.”
You do know you are currently reading my blog. Instead of wasting time reading what a random kid has to say about writing go and beat the clock. Should I have said that? If you are still there, here is another tip.
Prioritize, most of the time I see authors complaining on twitter. That is ironic, because not only are they tweeting and Googling too much that they forget the ticking clock, but they are complaining. Suck it up and write. If you want to know why I started writing so early this may be the greatest reason.

I probably have more time than you. I said probably, taking in to account the average age of a blog reader and so forth. I know a lightning bolt may strike me at any moment. I have a long writing career ahead of me and I don’t plan to waste too much time.

If you fall in love with your own work it really helps. I am starting to neglect my TV too often, but I’ll be okay. You know you have a good balance when your wife or family wants you to make time with them and stop writing. If you handle your writing like another job or maybe your only job, it helps. The fun thing is that you have the privilege to love this job.

The clock is ticking dear writer… are you?


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