My greatest Pointer.

Posted: October 16, 2014 in Pointers
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I often give out advice with reckless abandon like many authors do. I will try not to make lists. You know what I am talking about. Those five ways to create a great protagonist and four traits of a writer and when to let your arcs kick in. I’m trying to let you know that there is no recipe. And even the best of plotters will admit that their way is mainly a method. All of that said I do have tips and like most of my writing, my advice are ideas and concepts not set in stone. Firstly(yikes) be ready to dissagree with me. Secondly, here is my key. The thing that kept me ticking… why I never hit a block. I love my work.

“Whoa there, that sounds dangerously dreamy.” No, I mean my work means so much to me that I think about my novel every day of my life. Whether I write or not. Now, specifically I ponder the ending like watching a movie over and over again.  I knew how my novel would end very early on and it became one of the most integral parts of my novel.

“Stop” you say thinking about possible ideas, but you can’t. So here is my second great pointer. Get inspired. Believe it or not it doesn’t just happen… or it can, but there are cases where you can induce it. How? Observe… everything. Conversations, emotions, TV shows, novels… Your cat going crazy while you are writing. Now you need to go to stories… may it be books or not. You need to find a place where you can read or watch how other authors do it. Do not and I say again… Moenie. Bly weg. Do not let your choice of novels be influenced by what other people say.You be the judge. I’m not saying you should be ignorant of other opinions or that you should judge every book out there. I refuse to read sloppy romance or young adult. In fact I read too little, because few authors write what I want to hear. I am trying to seek them out and I will. So I go to my make believe world. If you like something… let it inspire you.

Write what you love.

Stefan Fouché (stefooch)


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